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Postdoctoral position in redox signaling kinetics

Position: A postdoctoral Research position is immediately available for structure-function studies of proteins that control signaling during oxidative stress. Successful candidates will join an exciting research environment of the Messens VIB-laboratory in the Structural Biology Research Center in Brussels. The Messens laboratory is recognized as a world leader in the redox field, and the lab provides an outstanding position in protein biochemistry and structural biology, in a highly dynamic and team-oriented research group. You will work on the Strategic Research Project ‘The far reaches of enzymology in health and disease - Kinetics along signal transduction pathways within complex systems’. In this cutting-edge research environment, you will tackle essential biological problems in protein signaling.

Project: In the projects of the lab, we are analyzing the dynamics of the sulfur-proteome under varying oxidative stress conditions by identifying the proteins that are post translational modified by reactive oxygen species (ROS) on their cysteines forming a sulfenic acid (Cys-SOH) and on their methionines forming a sulfoxide (Met-SO). These reversible post-transcriptional modifications function as “thiol-switches” which alter the biochemical properties of redox sensing proteins. We aim to establish a detailed kinetic and structural view of the mode of action of these redox proteins, in order to scrutinize their role in signaling during oxidative stress signaling.

Requirements: Applicants should have a chemical background, obtained a PhD in the last 5 years within the field of protein biochemistry, and should have hands-on expertise with kinetic techniques or with proteomics MS-data interpretation. Fluent knowledge of English is a must. Experience with biophysical techniques and structural biology is a plus, but not required.

Please send a cover letter discussing your interests in the laboratory and the project as well as your CV and a list of 3 individuals as references to


位描述:博士后位主要注于激蛋白的结构与功能的究。成功的候加入比利VIB究所布塞尔结构生物学研究中心Joris Messens实验室,是一令人兴奋境。Messens实验室作世界域中的佼佼者,是一高度动态团队为导向的究小提供这样以蛋白生物化结构生物学为背景的位。你会工作的在健康和疾病中的深 - 号转导通路以及复杂的系。在一前沿的境,你将人体必需的蛋白的生物学问题