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Amna Mhamdi obtained her Master Degree in Plant Physiology and Biotechnology in 2006 at Tunis El Manar University (Tunisia). In 2007, she started her PhD in the group of Graham Noctor at Universit√© de Paris Sud (France) and she investigated the roles of enzymes involved in glutathione and NADPH reduction in oxidative stress signaling. After obtaining her PhD in 2010, she stayed in the same lab and continued as a post-doctoral researcher.  From 2016, she joined the Oxidative Stress Signaling group, headed by Frank Van Breusegem at PSB to study the pohotorespiratory hydrogen peroxide signaling mechanisms and cysteine oxidation events that occur during plant responses to stress. To address these questions, Amna regularly uses transcriptomic, proteomic and metabolomic profiling.

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