Brussels Center for Redox Biology

Hsu-Min Sung


Hsu-Min was born in Taipei, Taiwan. He finished his master thesis in the Institute of Molecular Biology at Academia Sinica and graduated as a MSc of Genome Sciences in 2012. His master thesis focused on the regulation of viral DNA replication by cellular microRNAs. In December 2013, he moved to University Heidelberg in Germany for pursuing his Doctoral degree. His doctoral research was supported by a 3-year fellowship granted by the Heidelberg Biosciences International Graduate School (HBIGS). Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dr. Georg Stoecklin, he devoted himself in dissecting roles of RNA binding proteins in regulating cancer cell cycle progression. After obtaining his PhD in October 2018, he now joins the lab of Prof. Dr. Joris Messens at the  VUB as a postdoctoral researcher. His research project focuses on redox signaling in melanoma cells in collaboration with the lab of Prof. Dr. Ivan Bogeski in Göttingen.

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