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Juliette graduated in 2007 as Industrial engineer option biotechnology at the ESIL engineer school in Marseille. In the same year, she started her career as research engineer in the group of Bertrand Séraphin at CGM-CNRS in Paris area. In 2009, she joined the company Global Bioenergies. In 2011, she began a PhD at the Université Paris-Sud under the supervision of Dr. Graille and Dr. Liger.  After graduation in 2014, she worked as a teaching assistant for one year. During these four years, her research focused on the structural and functional study of protein complexes involved in RNA modifications. In October 2015, she joined Jean-François Collet's team as a post-doc (Chargée de Recherches from the FNRS) in order to study the interaction between RcsF and its partners.

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