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CSC PhD position in structure-function studies of plant redox signaling proteins

A PhD position for a Chinese student who is willing to apply for a 4-year Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) grant in protein biochemistry and structural biology is available in the Messens lab at VIB-VUB Center for Structural Biology in Brussels, Belgium.

The project will focus on structure-function studies of plant proteins that control signaling during oxidative stress as part of the Excellent of Science (EOS)-project 'Organellar Redox Signaling in Plants', carried out in collaboration with Prof. Claire Remacle from Liège University, BE, Prof. Frank Van Breusegem from Ghent University, BE, Didier Vertommen from Université catholique de Louvain, BE, and Kate Carroll from The Scripps Research Institute, Florida, US. The successful candidate should be eager to join the exciting research environment of the Messens lab which is recognized as a world leading lab in the field of redox biology, and is known for being a highly dynamic and team-oriented research group. The selected student will tackle essential biological problems in plant redox signaling, specifically establishing structural and functional details about the modes of action redox proteins employ during signaling for oxidative stress survival in plants.

Applicants should have obtained a Master's degree with great or greatest distinction. Expertise with molecular biology, protein biochemistry, biophysical techniques and enzymology, and a keen interest in plant stress signaling is essential. Knowledge of plant physiology is an asset. We will support you for your CSC application.

Please send a cover letter explaining your research interests in the project as well as your CV to joris.messens@vib-vub.be and jingjing.huang@vub.be.