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Kai Xun Chan


Kai Xun Chan graduated from the Australian National University (ANU) with a Bachelor of Biotechnology (Honours) in 2010; and subsequently with a PhD in Plant Sciences in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Barry Pogson and Dr. Gonzalo Estavillo, elucidating the biochemical and structural regulation of a chloroplast signaling protein that also acts as an oxidative stress sensor. He continued with a postdoctoral appointment in Prof. Pogson's lab, where he focused on the interaction between chloroplast and hormonal signalling in guard cells which regulate water loss during drought. During this time at the ANU he also set up a chemical genomics screening platform to identify novel regulators of chloroplast signalling. In 2018 Kai moved to Prof. Frank Van Breusegem's lab at VIB-Ugent as a recipient of the FWO postdoctoral fellowship, where he will investigate the intersection between chloroplast and mitochondrial signalling in plant cells. 

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